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By mookie on Monday, April 27, 2009

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What's this all about?

Have you ever sought a place where the latest gadgets meet photography whilst running head-on into anime mixed with graphic design? These are the topics on which the foundations of this site were born.

Just as the areas on which it is focused change, so is digitally unlimited in a constant state of flux. Not only does the site grow with changes in culture, technology and the arts, but so in turn it changes to reflect the interests of those that visit the site. Where it becomes apparent that some areas have grown in popularity, then those will become greater parts of digitally unlimited.

// tech // Nothing surpasses coming across new technologies, understanding how they can improve our lives and price permitting, becoming an early adopter. These gadgets will be shared here.

// photography // As an avid amateur photographer, the most inspiring use of any spare moment is checking out the work of photographers who actually know what they are doing. In addition, the kit that takes the photos can be pretty interesting in itself.

// on screen // Don't think all blockbusters, all the time. This section is devoted to the cult niches of cinema. This includes things like anime, non-English language cinema and cult C-grade films.

// art // Design, all forms of visual art and things that are generally visually pleasing and inspiring -- this is the place to find them. Everything from architecture to cartoons to photoshop genius.

Who runs this site?

Call me mookie. For a long time my creative juices have flown when I'm engaged in viewing/reading about/creating one of the abovementioned things -- so I decided that it was time to share my passions in one place, in the hope that there are others out there who share a similar combination of tastes.

Clearly the descriptions above are far too vague to reflect a fair dossier of what digitally unlimited is all about. Rather, it is probably best to browse the site and see what takes your fancy. Importantly, if you do get excited by something, make a comment on the relevant post -- let others share in your own distinctive opinions. If you have ideas for other concepts that could be added to the site, or you have some art of your own that you'd like added exposure for, feel free to email me -- all contact is appreciated.

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