Houses on Water

By mookie on Monday, September 07, 2009

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This is some impressive architectural work. I found this first example on Daily Tonic, a site dedicated to design and architecture (two topics of great inspiration to me). The firm responsible for the design of this masterpiece is formodesign, a Polish architectural company.

This fine example of amphibious architecture reminded me of what has been done in Holland where rising water levels are a constant problem in some parts. This comes from inhabitat (where you can see more photos).

So what other examples of this type of architecture are there out there? With rising tidal levels, linked to global warming, floating / water-bound houses may become a necessity, rather than just a curiosity.

German firm, IBA, has this prototype for your consideration...

And of course, what better place to have a house on water, than in Venice -- the city on the water! The infallible BLDGBLOG had this piece on an American project to put a normal bungalow on the water in Venice. Watch the video of the life and death of the house here (embedding of the video has sadly been disabled by the producer).

Do you know of any other examples of houses on water? Give me a shout in the comments.

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